Pendant Hand Engraving

With Tira Mitchell

Course Discription

Tira will teach basic engraving with the PulseGraver™ electric airless engraving system.  The class will emphasize fundamental skills common to hand engravers and jewelers. 

Skills include:

  • Identifying, making and sharpening gravers for different jobs

  • Basic design choices

  • Design transfers

  • Cutting techniques using power assisted tools

  • Creating depth in two dimensional artwork

  • Skill drills and practice techniques to improve engraving after the course ends


Students will have opportunities to use the PulseGraver™ during the class along with other tools provided by JIA. 

Special discounts on tools from will be available to students before and during the class, including the chance to pre-order a PulseGraver™ that students can use for the entire class.  One live, free on-line follow-up session will be available after the class to reinforce what was taught.


  • jewelry training


  • diamond setting


  • hand engraving

  • GRStools

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