Pendant Hand Engraving

With Tira Mitchell

Course Discription

Tira will teach basic engraving with the PulseGraver™ electric airless engraving system.  The class will emphasize fundamental skills common to hand engravers and jewelers. 

Skills include:

  • Identifying, making and sharpening gravers for different jobs

  • Basic design choices

  • Design transfers

  • Cutting techniques using power assisted tools

  • Creating depth in two dimensional artwork

  • Skill drills and practice techniques to improve engraving after the course ends


Students will have opportunities to use the PulseGraver™ during the class along with other tools provided by JIA. 

Special discounts on tools from Engraver.com will be available to students before and during the class, including the chance to pre-order a PulseGraver™ that students can use for the entire class.  One live, free on-line follow-up session will be available after the class to reinforce what was taught.

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