Online Classes

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Access is granted after enrolling online.

For our Virtual classes, you will need these tools to successfully follow our instructor.

  1. A bench
  2. Microscope or jeweler optivisor
  3. Pneumatic hand-piece or hand push graver(harder and take a lot of time)
  4. Graver: from Round, Flat, Onglette, Square, Knife .
  5. Edenta CeraGloss (yellow, Blue or green, and hard grey wheels)
  6. A holding device like a ball vise or a hardwood Ring Clamp
  7. Flex shaft or a micro-motor
  8. Round bur, drill bur, Krause Bur or cylinder bur
  9. CZ gemstone or any gemstones you like (different sizes)
  10. Beading tool
  11. Silicon wheel for cleaning
  12. Bristle Brushes for flex shaft
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