Option for this course!

Enroll for the first two days to learn scroll design.

Enroll for the last three days to engrave only. 

Or enroll in the entire five days class.


Course Description

Learn to design scrolls work for this cuff bracelet, then engrave the full details.


  • Learn to draw and design scrolls
  • Secure your item to engrave.
  • Engraving your design or the master design on the cuff.
  • bending and finishing the cuff


Class Project: 

Silver or Brass Cuff 


Course duration:2 days/ 3 days/ or the full  5 days

Attendance: 16/ 24/ or 40 hours


Difficulty Level:  Intermediate/advance

Cuff Project Class

$1,800.00 Regular Price
$1,440.00Sale Price