This program is designed for individual that has no previous experience with diamond setting

If you are looking to become a diamond setter this course is for you.

You will be learning the concept and hands on of gemstone setting, micro-pave diamond setting on a professional level.

After graduating this course, you will be job ready to work as a diamond setter

Course Objectives

  • Introduction to tools and equipment’s on your bench.
  • Graver sharpening, creation of custom tool for diamond setting
  • Microscope setup and use
  • Geometric layout calculation for stone setting
  • Setting all stone shapes from round to fancy cuts.
  • All style of setting includes and not limited to prong, bezel, flush, channel, all pave styles and fancy bright cut.



For stone setting: copper, steel and brass plates, rings, pendants and various Jewelry item made of allow metal for the student to exercise with.


Course duration: 8 weeks

Attendance: 280 Hours



This class has no requirement, but the student has the option of attending a one-week beginner hand engraving class to see if this profession fit their expectations.


Please note:

Course information is subject to change without notice.

Setter Diploma



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