Hand Engraving Courses 

Diamond setting courses

Before enrolling in our online classes, please read the requirements to sign up:

  1. Must have a Facebook account. ( our classes are based on Facebook groups and you will access each class as a group). It's the best platform to connect with your instructor and other students at the same time.

  2. Please add Gabriel to your friend's list right away when you sign up Here so he can add you to your class, it will delay your access if you don't.

  3. Tools: Pneumatic handpiece, we don't care which brand you use, but you know we love our Lindsay classic.

  4. A bench, Vise, microscope or Optivisor, gravers, different kinds of shapes, drills, burs ( different shapes) flex-shaft or micro-motor.

  5. our classes are rough and not edited, so you will see all kinds of examples of user errors( we do not edit our videos that way the students will learn from the mistakes and how to fix them).

  6. Remember this is an online class you will learn as much as you can and our instructors did the best they can to explain while they are setting at the same time. so sometimes you will hear tools over their voices but it's always obvious in the videos.

  7. you will need internet access to watch these videos, these are not downloadable and you reserve the right to turn them on or off without any prior notice.

  8. we do not give any other school's, academy's or institute's the right to play these videos in their classrooms unless granted a commercial license.

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  11. sales are final and we do not refund for any reason.

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